Seek Compensation From Negligent Medical Professionals

While most parents worry about their child's safety, the last place they expect harm is at the hands of medical professionals during birth. Unfortunately, many of our clients have had to face this terrifying reality while also trying to manage the mounting medical expenses. If your child was born with cerebral palsy, you may have a medical malpractice lawsuit.

At Owens Moss, PLLC, in Jackson, MS, we represent families pursuing cases to secure restitution for their child. With the assistance of a cerebral palsy lawyer, you can focus on your child's health while we handle the legal aspects of their condition. Schedule a consultation today to speak with one of our compassionate attorneys.

The Lasting Effects of Cerebral Palsy

A mother and her wheelchair-bound son talkNot only can a neurological disorder significantly limit your child's quality of life, it can also create a substantial financial burden. Therapy, testing, medication, and other expenses related to their condition can build up quickly. In addition to health-related costs, a birth injury often affects the opportunities your child may have in the future, as well as their ability to provide for themselves.

While many causes of cerebral palsy are completely out of any individual's control, there are instances where a medical professional's negligence directly leads to development of the condition. For instance, asphyxiation or early detachment of the placenta during labor or delivery may be due to a mistake made by the attending medical staff. In these cases, we strongly believe that these individuals should be held legally responsible so that your family is not forced to financially struggle as a result of their mistake.

Potential Damages

If your child's cerebral palsy was the result of a hospital error or the medical staff's incompetence, you may be entitled to three types of damages:

Economic Damages
Often referred to as special damages, this includes measurable expenses such as medical bills, loss of wages, and future, projected medical expenses.
Non-Economic Damages
Also known as general damages, this usually includes non-definitive costs such as loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, as well as loss of future earning capacity.
Punitive Damages
In certain circumstances, the court may award punitive damages if there is evidence that the doctor or other medical professionals were aware of their harmful actions. The exact amount is up to the court, but there are usually caps placed on these damages.

With the assistance of a cerebral palsy lawyer, you can focus on your child's health while we handle the legal aspects of their condition.

Your lawyer will fight to ensure that you and your child receive fair compensation.

Why Hire a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

While you may be justified in pursuing a case against the medical institution, the process can easily become very complicated. Our medical malpractice attorneys are not only personally invested in your case but are well-versed in the legal process, have established vital resources for gathering effectual evidence, and employ strategies that can provide you with a fair chance against large medical and insurance companies.

Trusted Legal Representation

Rated as AV Preeminent® Lawyers, we are highly regarded amongst our peers and provide our clients with ethical and reliable legal services. Allow us to help you and your family through the legal challenges you stand to face. Contact us online or call us at (601) 352-8443 today to speak with a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer and find out whether you have a claim.

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