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According to a recent U.S. study report, more than 250,000 patients die in hospitals each year due to "system-wide failings and poorly coordinated care". If you or your family have been harmed by negligent care at a medical facility, a hospital errors attorney from Owens Moss can help. Our Jackson, MS, law firm handles medical malpractice cases, securing maximum compensation for victims and families.

Hospital-Based Malpractice

Hospital errors take many forms, involving mistakes and oversights by personnel at all levels. Some hospital errors occur because of administrative policy decisions affecting patient care. For example, a poorly managed emergency room can lead to caregiver fatigue which results in a deadly mistake. Many hospitals rely heavily on sophisticated technology, but when a key piece of equipment fails, it can mean disaster for the patient. There are many cases of hospital-based medical malpractice stemming from equipment that is not properly maintained or replaced. 

Other common hospital errors affecting patients include:

  • Staffing Mistakes – Inadequate screening, training or understaffing can lead to dangerous delays or careless and negligent errors.
  • Medication Mix-ups – A misread chart or poorly written notes can result in a patient receiving the wrong medication or a dangerous overdose.
  • Surgical Mistakes – A mistake by a doctor or anesthesiologist during surgery can cost a patient dearly.
  • Inadequate Sanitation – Improper sanitation procedures often cause spread of deadly infections in hospital settings. These are especially dangerous because of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in these environments.
  • Birth Injury Accidents – Errors in the maternity ward commonly lead to injuries for both mothers and infants.
  • Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose – Testing or lab mistakes can contribute to a doctor’s diagnostic error or missed diagnosis.
  • Patient Injury Accidents – Many accidents occur when weak or medicated patients suffer a fall or are dropped by a nurse or orderly. 

When checking into a hospital, many patients feel frightened and vulnerable, but also hopeful that they will receive top quality healthcare. Many do receive excellent care, but unfortunately, some patients are the tragic victims of grievous medical error. 

Legal Remedies for Malpractice

If hospital-based negligence is to blame for your suffering and losses, you can receive substantial compensation for this medical malpractice. This restitution may include reimbursement for expenses and lost income as well as compensation for pain and suffering, and more. Depending upon the circumstance, some plaintiffs are awarded additional punitive damages in these types of court cases.

Our attorneys are dedicated advocates for victims of malpractice, determined to see justice done.

The experienced attorneys at Owens Moss have assisted many victims of hospital malpractice. We handle all types of serious personal injuries as well as wrongful death cases on behalf of family members. We are proud to say our firm has attained many significant settlements and verdicts for past clients. Our attorneys are dedicated advocates for victims of malpractice, determined to see justice done. As your legal representatives, we will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case, using medical experts, as needed. We will strive to establish clear liability for substandard care and demonstrate your damages to the fullest extent.

Seek Legal Representation

Owens Moss offers a free consultation for medical malpractice victims. We will provide an honest assessment of your case and an overview of your legal options. Please contact us online or call us at (601) 352-8443 today.

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