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Each year, thousands of serious and fatal accidents occur on the job, affecting workers in Jackson, MS, and throughout the state. An experienced industrial accident attorney can help if you have been hurt or have lost a loved one to a workplace incident or employment-related illness. With years of experience in personal injury law, attorneys Bob Owens, Rajita Iyer Moss, and Bobby L. Owens offer compassionate counsel and can often provide assistance that can make a difference to your future. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact us using our online form or call (601) 352-8443 today.

Scene of industrial accident and electrical fire

About Industrial Accidents

Although safety practices continue to improve, accidents are an unfortunate part of many work environments. Manufacturing, construction, and service occupations are known to be especially hazardous, but devastating accidents and dangerous conditions are found in seemingly safe business offices as well. Some of the most catastrophic of personal injuries can occur on the job, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and serious burns.

According to national data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses attributed to private industry employment in 2015, and another 752,000 cases among government workers. In Mississippi, 77 workers lost their lives to a job-related casualty in 2015.

Common industrial accidents in the state include:

  • Transportation incidents
  • Accidents caused by objects or equipment
  • Falls due to slips or trips
  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • Fires and explosions
  • Violent attacks by people and animals

In many cases, an injured worker is the victim of another party's negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing. Sometimes it is the action (or inaction) of an employer or contractor, but there may also be liability on the part of other parties, such as the manufacturer of dangerous equipment. If an incident is transportation-related, there may be a third-party driver who is at fault.

Legal Help from Owens Moss

In the event of any serious on-the-job accident, it is important to seek guidance from an experienced lawyer. Our attorneys will offer an honest assessment of your case and recommendations for the best way to proceed under your circumstance. If needed, we can help with disputes related to workers’ compensation or represent you as you pursue compensation from whomever is responsible for your losses.

We will thoroughly investigate your accident, looking for evidence of human error, faulty equipment, lack of proper training, past safety violations, and more.

Recoverable damages can include medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. In fatal accidents, there may be significant wrongful death damages, and sometimes additional punitive damages. As your attorneys, we will thoroughly investigate your industrial accident, looking for evidence of human error, faulty equipment, lack of proper training, past safety violations, and more. We understand the evidence required to prove your case, and we know how to obtain and clarify the pertinent facts.

Compensation can help you and your family deal with the changes a serious injury or illness can bring, including mounting expenses and loss of income. Owens Moss has assisted injured workers in both individual and group cases. We are passionate about assisting victims, and proud to say we have achieved significant successes for past clients.

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If you or your loved one has been hurt because of a job-related condition or accident, reach out to our team and learn more about your next steps. Please contact us online or call (601) 352-8443 today to schedule a free consultation.

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