Collect the Compensation You Deserve after a Bodily Injury

EMTs strap a woman to a stretcher for transportationA bodily injury, such as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, can have lasting repercussions on both your health and the quality of your life. Medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering can all result from a serious accident. However, when your injuries result from the negligent actions of another, you may have the right to pursue financial damages for your accident through a personal injury suit.

A bodily injury attorney from Owens Moss, PLLC in Jackson, MS, can help you collect the compensation you deserve so you can begin rebuilding your life. Our firm has spent over three decades representing residents of Mississippi. If you sustained a bodily injury due to another person's negligence, contact our firm online or call (601) 352-8443 for a free case evaluation today. 

What Is a Bodily Injury?

The term bodily injury refers to physical damage to an individual’s body and covers a range of injuries, including:

A bodily injury can cause devastating and lasting consequences for the victim, including paralysis and mental incapacitation. Often, bodily injuries incur substantial medical bills and reduce your capacity to work, leading to serious financial hardship. In some cases, a severe bodily injury can result in the wrongful death of a loved one. 

Common Causes of Bodily Injury

Almost any accident can lead to a bodily injury.  Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of bodily injury. 

Any situation in which the cause of your accident was another person or organization's negligence, you may have the right to pursue compensation. Our team at Owens Moss can investigate the cause of your bodily injury during a free case review and determine if you have a personal injury suit. 

What to Do after an Accident

If you were involved in an accident which resulted in bodily injury, your first step is to seek medical attention. Receiving a medical examination both protects your health and improves the strength of your case. Your doctor can advise you on the true extent of your injuries and the potential effects of your accident. 

If your injuries were due to the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue damages.

The next step is to contact a personal injury attorney. Often after a serious accident, insurance companies will rush to offer a settlement which is much lower than the amount the victim actually needs to recover. Be wary of accepting any settlements before speaking to an attorney. Our team at Owens Moss can research your case and work to gather the evidence necessary to prove the cause of your accident. For bodily injury cases, we can help clients collect damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Potential loss of future wages
  • Ongoing care for rehabilitation
  • Changes to your lifestyle
  • Pain and suffering

When a severe bodily injury occurs, the consequences can affect the rest of your life. If your injuries were due to the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue damages. While we understand that no amount of money can erase what happened to you, compensation can help you manage the financial effects and ease some of the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Pursue Justice for Your Injuries

If you were involved in an accident which resulted in a bodily injury, Owens Moss can help. Contact our firm online or call (601) 352-8443 to speak to a member of our team about a free case evaluation. 

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